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The Agricultural University of Iceland has housed the reference collection as well as provided facilities for the processing of samples and various other support since 2013. This support is vital to the reference collection and the Icelandic ZooArch laboratory.

Work on the reference collection has been funded by the Archaeological Heritage Fund in Iceland in 2017 (grant no. 201702-0044) and in 2016 (grant no. 201602-0099).

The processing of chicken skeletons for the collection was part of the project “Chickens in Iceland from the 9th century settlement period to the 20th century” funded by the Archaeological Heritage Fund in Iceland grant no. 201401-0051.

In 2009 the project got a grant from The Icelandic Archaeology Fund.

The Margrét Björgúlfsdóttir Memorial Fund gave a grant to start an Icelandic zooarchaeology reference collection in 2007.


This collection was created with the help from many people who have contributed by providing samples and other assistance in preparing or transporting samples. The collection relies on other researchers, farmers, hunters and the general public to get specimens for the collection. Here is a list of the many people which have helped over the years

  • Grétar Einarsstöðum í Vopnafirði who donated the first sample for the collection in 2006

  • Páll Ágúst Ásgeirsson and Lára Jóhannsdóttir for sample collection and various assistance through the years

  • Ragnar Sigurmundsson, Þorvarður Pálsson, Ásgeir Pálsson, Hildur Björgvinsdóttir, Guðni Þ. T. Sigurðsson, Áslaug Úlfsdóttir, Iðunn Soffía Agnadóttir for various assistance on the collection

  • The Animal Hospital in Víðidalur for providing samples

  • Guðmundur Björnsson Reykjavík City Pest Control for providing samples

  • Hilda and Höskuldur at Stóra-Ármót for providing samples

  • Geir Örn Gestsson with Stjörnugrís for providing samples

  • Archaeologists Óskar Leifur Arnarson, Ásta Hermannsdóttir and Eva Kristín Dal for providing samples

  • Þórkatla Jónsdóttir and Jóhann Jónsson for providing samples

  • Þorbjörg Bjarnadóttir for providing fish for the collection

  • Kristjan Lilliendahl with the Marine Research Institute in Iceland for donating various seabirds from previous research projects and assistance with getting fish for the collection

  • Páll Hersteinsson for providing arctic foxes for the collection in 2009

  • Jóhanna B. Þorvaldsdóttir at Háafell for providing goat samples

  • Gunnar Björnsson for providing samples

  • Valtýr Sigurðsson with Biopol in Skagaströnd for providing a number of samples in 2016

  • The Árbæjarsafn Open Air Museum for use of facilities

  • Egill Gunnarsson and Hafþór Finnbogason at Hvanneyrarbúinu for providing calves for the collection

  • Snædís Anna Þórhallsdóttir and Helgi Elí Hálfdánarson at Hestur for assistance

  • Staff at Veiðimálastofnun for providing samples

  • Albína Thordarson for donating a whale bulla to the collection

  • Ólafur Ögmundarson for donating samples

  • Farmes at Brúarlandi Mýrum for providing samples

  • Ævar Petersen for donating 10 well recorded bird specimens to the collection in 2016

  • Ragnheiður Traustadóttir for donating bones from the topsoil of the Hólar excavation

  • Freyja Imsland, Helga Gústavsdóttir and Guðni for donating a four horned ram head to the collection

  • Staff at the Agricultural University of Iceland for various assistance with the collection

  • Indriði Skarphéðinsson and Skarphéðinn G. Þórisson for for donating samples

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